‘Let’s Play Fire Station!’ with PLAYMOBIL

Playmobil Take Along Fire Station

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For the last year, my son has been increasingly interested in pretend play. He loves to dress up in costumes and talk about his future career goals (“I’m gonna be an airplane pilot, a superhero, and a knight!”) That includes dressing up as a firefighter, lining up the dining room chairs into fire truck formation and bringing his stuffed animals to be passengers.

Interested in buying PLAYMOBIL toys at Walmart? Hover over the photo above!

That’s why I thought he’d be super interested in trying out PLAYMOBIL sets for the first time, since they are known for sparking the imagination. You may not have realized, but PLAYMOBIL toys are now available at Walmart stores and Walmart.com!

Of course, he wore a firefighter outfit to get in the spirit before opening the boxes.

Playmobil now at Walmart stores

We went to Walmart and found the ones that most caught our eye: the PLAYMOBIL Take Along Fire Station, PLAYMOBIL Rescue Ladder Unit and PLAYMOBIL Rescue Ambulance. These ones are all for ages 4 and up (so this 4-year-old should have many more years to grow into them).

We found the PLAYMOBIL display near the other construction toys, in red-and-blue packaging. I really liked how each set has its own person figurines (two or three per set, for the ones we bought), so you can enjoy playing with each one individually. Or you can combine sets for even more fun and endless possibilities!

Playmobil Take Along Fire Station

My son wanted to open the biggest box first, so we started to assemble the Take Along Fire Station together! I definitely recommend doing this part as a family. You’ll get to apply your own stickers to the station, assemble tiny pieces (like a set of bunk beds, a fan, and a fire hydrant), and learn how to convert the whole station back to a convenient carrying case. There’s even a cube storage shelf for extra uniform pieces!

Playmobil Take Along Fire Station

Once we assembled the firetruck and ambulance toy sets, we had a total of seven figurines, and plenty of tiny accessories (safety gear, hats, air compressors, and more). The fire station has specific spots you can store them all. My son was really interested in getting the components to match the pictures on the box before he got them out to play again.

I think the attention to detail is impressive, and the plastic pieces are really high-quality. I won’t have to worry about him accidentally breaking a piece and getting frustrated, which is important to me.

Playmobil Rescue Ladder Unit

The rescue ladder unit is very cool! It has four different places where a character can sit, and my son liked exploring all of them. Both this vehicle and the ambulance have lights and sounds, just like in real life. My son definitely liked pushing the buttons, and parking both vehicles in the fire station.

Playmobil Rescue Ladder Unit and Ambulance

Inside the ambulance is a patient on a stretcher, with an IV bag you can attach or detach. There’s also a rubber belt to keep the patient strapped in during transit! This gave an opportunity for me to explain to my son how an ambulance might help someone who is hurt in real life, in a way that’s fun and not scary. This taps into critical thinking and emotional development.

Playmobil Take Along Fire Station

I have a feeling this won’t be our last experience with PLAYMOBIL toys at Walmart! Beyond the realistic characters like police officers, firefighters and paramedics, there are also sets that dive into fantasy play with dinosaurs and brave explorers, so there’s something to appeal to every kid.

5 Ways to Engage in Creative Play as a Family

  1. Go outside! Rocks, sticks and leaves can be the beginning of creating a new imaginary world. Try out a new park or a new trail that you’ve never tried at the park.
  2. Invite your child into your own creative hobbies (like sewing or painting) and allow them to help you complete a project. Ask them to pick the next project!
  3. Turn off the TV and video games, and go to the library for some books to inspire your day’s activities as a family. Pick some non-fiction books that relate to their favorite toys (firefighters or other careers) and then print off some coloring pages that relate or ask them to make-up a story about the topic.
  4. Boxes! Turn the boxes from your PLAYMOBIL toys into a house or vehicle that the characters can live in, or raid the garage for larger boxes and let your kid direct the activity.
  5. Go on a photo scavenger hunt. Lend your child a smartphone and give some basic directions for taking photos. Then go around the house or in the yard and see what kinds of pictures they can take!


Free Pattern Features: Halloween Pillows

Looking for ways to add some Halloween fun to your decor? On Craft Buds we’ve featured Halloween printables, fabric pumpkins, and owl smores. Lots of other crafty sites have been working hard on Halloween tutorials so we’ve put together a collection of Halloween themed pillows.

The tutorial for these pennant pillows is at Tatertots and Jello (and these could be cute in colors to match your decor or for any season!).

Halloween Pennant Pillows at Tatertots and Jello


Ameroonie Designs shares the tutorial on making this batty felt pillow.

Batty Felt Pillow at Ameroonie Designs

Chapman Place used Krylon glitter spray paint to make this Trick or Treat pillow set.

Trick or Treat Pillows at Chapman Place

On favecrafts is the tutorial and pattern for this Witch Boot Pillow.


Witch Boots Pillow from favecrafts


And on Curbly, learn how to make this spider web pillow (which could be fun to pair with a spider version of the felt bat pillow above!).

Spider Web Pillow on Curbly

DIY Toddler Train Costume for Under $10


My son loves trains, and since it’s close to Halloween, I thought it would be fun for us to make a DIY train costume together. So I searched Pinterest for ideas, and I was inspired by this train costume so much that I went into the garage in search of boxes!

DIY Toddler Train Costume | Craft Buds

Here’s the finished product! This DIY train costume was easy to make, and it cost less than $10! I used almost everything I already had at home, and you probably have many of the materials in your junk drawer. The only things I purchased were this blue spray paint and this Gold Duck Brand Tape (affiliate links) on Amazon.

DIY Toddler Train Costume | Craft Buds

1. To get started, I chose a deeper box for the base and a shallow box of the same width for the front. After cutting off all the box flaps (set these aside for later!), I cut a hole large enough for my son to squeeze through in the base of the deeper box. I cut a slot for the shallow box to insert it into the end of the deeper box, then curved the front to make a space for the wheels.

2. Use as much strong tape as you can to secure the two boxes together. You’ll spray paint over this later.

DIY Toddler Train Costume | Craft Buds

3. Gather materials from around your house for the other elements of the choo-choo train. Have fun! Cut 6 circles out from cardboard for your wheels. I printed off this train wheel clipart (resize as desired) and used a glue stick to adhere to each of the cardboard wheels. I think they turned out so cute, and they were much easier than drawing my own.

DIY Toddler Train Costume | Craft Buds

4. I used an oatmeal container with a toilet paper tube stuck inside (not pictured) for the train’s “nose.” Any time I could, I cut the boxes and inserted one shape into another to make them fit snugly. This is more secure than taping. After you get the shape of the box to your liking, spray paint it!

DIY Toddler Train Costume | Craft Buds

5. Let the box dry and apply gold Duck Tape to decorate the train. To get the number, I printed a number on computer paper, then traced the outline of the number on the back of the paper. I then covered the number completely with gold tape, and cut it out using my outline on the back. The number can then be glued onto your train!

DIY Toddler Train Costume | Craft Buds

6. To adhere the wheels to the box, I used e6000 glue (affiliate link) I already had at the house. It is super strong and worked the best out of anything else I tried!

DIY train costume | Craft Buds

7. You’ll notice that I took the straps off the train, because my son didn’t like them. To make the straps, I put a safety pin in each end of a piece of ribbon, then used the pin to feed the ribbon through 4 tiny holes in the box, criss-crossing the straps. For an older child, you could leave the straps straight. I tied a double knot and just left the safety pins on the ribbon in case they needed to be adjusted.

Thanks for checking out this toddler DIY train costume! Read about Mary’s fabric pumpkin tutorial to help you get into the spirit of the season.

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