Free Pattern for the “Home Sweet Home” Mini Quilt

Baby Lock Destiny II and Home Sweet Home mini quilt

Today I’m sharing the next video for my Sewlebrity Love of Sewing Challenge project, plus the free pattern for my “Home Sweet Home mini quilt. It’s a darling little mini quilt to hang in your living room, entryway, or even your sewing room! Because, let’s face it, most of us feel at home when we’re in front of the sewing machine.

In this video, I’ll demonstrate the full process I went through to make my own applique using the Destiny II’s IQ Designer, a feature which allows you to scan your own image into the sewing machine and sew it. Amazing, right?! If you are still considering whether or not to get the Destiny II, this may be a game changer for you!

I’ve included a free downloadable PDF of the appliques, so you can use your favorite method to applique the word home and the house outline onto the quilt, even if you don’t have an embroidery machine to do the fancy stitching for you! Below, you will find the complete project instructions:

Home and Hope Applique Sewing

Project: Home Sweet Home Mini Quilt


  • 1/2 yard each* of 5 fabrics (I used assorted Riley Blake prints and solids)
  • Tear-away embroidery stabilizer
  • 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of double-sided fusible web for applique, like Steam-A-Seam 2
  • Free applique pattern print-out (3 pages)

* You’ll have enough extra fabric to make my Hope Throw Pillow bonus project, which I’ll share next week! A fat quarter will work for the yellow, turquoise, and gold stripe fabrics.



For applique block:

  • Cut (1) 14.25″ x 11.5″ background (or start larger for hoop, and trim down)
  • Cut applique fabric and double-sided fusible into a rectangle larger than the PDF pattern, for each the word home and the house image

For house blocks (cut 1 each in different fabrics: gold stripe, turquoise, yellow, and blue):

  • Cut (4) 7.5″ x 4″ for flying geese roof
  • Cut (4) 6″ x 5″ for house

From background (cream dot) cut:

  • (8) 4″x4″ for flying geese roof
  • (8) 1.5″ x 5″ for house blocks
  • (2) 1″ x 8.25″ for sashing between house blocks
  • (2) 2.5″ x 26.5″ for left and right borders
  • (2) 2.75″ x 18.5″ for top and bottom borders

For prairie points (gold stripe):

  • Cut 12 squares 3″ x 3″

Mini Quilt Assembly:

All seam allowances are 1/4″ unless otherwise noted.

Embroidery Hoop house

1) Hoop the stabilizer and background fabric into the 8″ x 12″ embroidery hoop. Follow along with the video for directions on using the IQ Designer to make your appliques. Remove the tear-away stabilizer and press. If you aren’t using an embroidery machine, you can use the PDF pattern to make an applique in any method of your choice. However, it won’t be nearly as fun!

Flying geese roof

2) Make the flying geese roofs. The Destiny II’s needle beam works great for this! I also fold the squares diagonally and press to mark my diagonal line before stitching.

House Blocks Tutorial

3) Add 1.5″ x 5″ sides to the house bases. Attach the roof pieces to the house blocks. Trim the blocks.

Home Mini Quilt assembly diagram

Quilt Assembly Diagram

4) Add a piece of 1″ x 8.25″ sashing between the house blocks in each row. Press the seams toward the center. Then, attach the house rows to the top and bottom of the center applique block, referring to the quilt assembly diagram above.

5) Add the left and right borders.

Prairie Points

6) Make a prairie points by folding a 3″ x 3″ square in half diagonally. Press. Fold in half diagonally again and press. Space 12 prairie points evenly on the top and bottom borders, according to the quilt assembly diagram. Baste in place 1/8″ from the edge, then sew on the top and bottom borders. Press the prairie points away from the house blocks.

Home Sweet Home mini quilt sneak peek

7) Make a quilt sandwich. Quilt as desired (I used a wide meandering design) and bind your quilt!


Here’s my sewing challenge posting schedule so you can follow along!
3/16: Introducing the Baby Lock Sewlebrity Love of Sewing Challenge
3/20: Delivery Day + “Home Sweet Home” Mini Quilt Supply List + Video
3/22: Sewing an Applique with the Destiny II + Video
3/24: Free Pattern for the “Home Sweet Home” Mini Quilt + Video (IQ Designer How-to)
3/28: Bonus Project! Hope Throw Pillow


I hope you enjoyed this free mini quilt pattern, and I hope to see you back next week for a look at the hope throw pillow project I created with the Destiny II!

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  4 comments for “Free Pattern for the “Home Sweet Home” Mini Quilt

  1. Kris Valle
    March 25, 2017 at 7:35 pm

    This quilt is very cute and your tutorial was great! Thanks!

    • March 25, 2017 at 7:42 pm

      Thank you Kris! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. judy
    March 26, 2017 at 9:34 am

    Thank you very much…I am going to try this…

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