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Child’s Cape Pattern & Tutorial

Child's Cape Tutorial + Free Sewing Pattern

My son has endured countless trips to JoAnn fabrics and has never been too excited, until our most recent trip. We walked by this fabric and he yelled, “THOMAS THE TRAIN!”. He held the bolt of fabric the whole time we were in the store, then carried his cut fabric around the house telling me he needed to wear it. So I thought now would be the perfect time to make him a cape so he could wear his special fabric whenever he wanted. I made this pattern to fit his neck size and height but it’s a fairly simple pattern that could be modified for a different size superhero.

To get started you’ll need:

  • Cape pattern (free download here). This pattern is made so the cape ends just above the ankle for a 3T size (36″ tall), so size up or down accordingly for the child you’re making the cape for. You’ll print out 7 total pages, sized at 8.5″x11″. The first 4 pages are the right side of the cape and the last 3 pages are the left side. Just line up the stars and tape the pages together. Make sure you print at 100% and that page scaling is turned off. It will look like this:

cape page layout

  • 2 pieces of fabric cut from cape pattern for the cape front and back. Each piece of fabric will need to be a minimum of 30″ wide x 35″ tall but you may want to give yourself an extra few inches in case your fabric isn’t perfectly square. I used the Thomas the Train cotton fabric (affiliate link) on one side and a navy swimsuit type of fabric on the other side. It’s stretchy so it’s a little more tricky to work with but it resists wrinkles and drapes nicely.
  • Magnets or Velcro for the neck closure. I used a set of magnetic sew-in snaps (affiliate link) that worked perfectly. My son can easily take the cape off and on and it washes well without having to worry about the Velcro wearing out.

To make the cape:

  1. Line up the two pieces of cape fabric with right sides together. Sew around the cape EXCEPT for along the bottom with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
  2. Turn cape right side out and press.
  3. Topstitch around the cape EXCEPT for along the bottom with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
  4. Line up magnets in the neck and make sure the magnetic poles are lined up so the magnets stick and don’t repel each other. The magnets should be inside the of the cape, the photo above just shows the placement.
  5. Sew a seam across the neck pieces right below the magnet to hold it in place. The magnets may want to stick to your sewing machine. If this is the case put a piece of cardboard or thick cloth under the magnet (just make sure you don’t accidentally catch it in the needle!).
  6. Fold the bottom 1 1/2″ of the cape to the inside. If you have trouble folding in the fabric, try cutting off an inch of each corner before folding.
  7. Sew 2 seams across the bottom of the cape, one 3/4″ and one slightly above that.

Have fun sewing for your littler superhero! And if you look closely at the photo below, yes, the little guy is sporting his first black eye. I think it goes along with the cape pretty well.


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